2023 ISPA Conference Exposure Guide 10-17-22 - Page 18

FOOD AND BEVERAGE In the event that your organization or any of your exhibitors wish to provide either food and / or nonalcoholic beverages for the purpose of demonstration and / or sponsorship , the following shall prevail in defining the procedure and schedule of associated charges as a condition precedent to the provision of such products :
1 . Samples are limited to products manufactured , processed , or distributed by the exhibiting company .
2 . Food samples are limited to one ( 1 ) ounce and non-alcoholic beverages are limited to two ( 2 ) ounces . Larger samples must be purchased through Mandalay Bay .
3 . Items used as traffic promoters must be purchased through Mandalay Bay . 4 . Your Catering & Conference Manager must approve all samples prior to them being brought on site .
5 . Each exhibitor providing samples must complete and return the Mandalay Bay Food & Beverage Sample Request Form .
6 . When preparing food for distribution in the booth , the exhibitor must have an Itinerant Health Permit ( contact Southern Nevada Health District at 702.759.1258 or by email at environmentalhealth @ snhdmail . org ).
EXHIBITOR HOSTED EVENTS As a benefit of participation , ISPA Conference exhibitors and sponsors are invited to host hospitality events at the ISPA Conference , as long as it is not during show hours . The ISPA Conference is a non cash and carry show ; this applies to any private hospitality event held in conjunction with the ISPA Conference . All hospitality events must be approved in advance by ISPA via the Hospitality Request Form . Approved hospitality events must display the official ISPA Approved Event logo and may not be sponsored by , held in conjunction with and / or affiliated with any other company , individual or third party that is not an official participant of the ISPA Conference . Authorization will be withheld if hosted event falls during a scheduled ISPA function . Any event held without approval , or held in conjunction with or by a company that is not an official participant of the ISPA Conference may be subject to penalties or restrictions as deemed necessary by the ISPA Board of Directors .
ATTENDEE LISTS ISPA Conference attendee lists are distributed only to exhibiting and sponsoring companies and cannot be shared with any other persons or parties . The attendee list should be kept confidential , as the selling or distribution of the list and included information is strictly prohibited . Mass emails or carbon copying ( cc :) multiple recipients on the same email is strongly discouraged . Communications must be in compliance with anti-spam and email marketing laws in the countries where you do business . Communications must provide an option for the recipient to opt-out from receiving future messages and full contact information for your company should be included . ISPA does not share or sell attendee or exhibitor lists with any third parties except official show partners .
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