2023 ISPA Conference Exposure Guide 10-17-22 - Page 16

BOOTH STAFF REGISTRATION All individuals attending the ISPA Conference as exhibit booth personnel must serve as an official representative of and solely represent the exhibiting company with which they are registered . Eligible attendees who either qualify as a buyer or who represent more than one exhibiting company must be registered under their own company name and meet eligibility guidelines for attendance which are specified in the exhibitor planning guide . Booth staff registration allotment is assigned based on booth size .
Exhibitors are prohibited from leaving booths unmanned during show hours . Each exhibitor agrees to allow Mandalay Bay and GES to contact exhibitors and agents by telephone , fax and email to provide information about food , beverage , function and hospitality business or other contractual services related to the event .
LABOR & EXHIBITOR APPOINTED CONTRACTORS An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor ( EAC ) is a company other than the “ general or official ” service provider on the show that requires access to a booth during installation and dismantling . The EAC may only provide services in the facility that are not designated by the facility as “ exclusive ” to the designated provider , or by ISPA in a contract as an exclusive service for the “ general or official ” service provider or other third party . No EAC will be allowed to work in an exhibitor ’ s booth if a Notice of Intent form , a valid Certificate of Insurance and the Agreement and Rules and Regulations between GES and the EAC is not completed by an authorized representative and received by GES . Exhibitors not using an EAC for labor will need to be able to provide proof of full time employment for personnel upon request of show management .
MOVE-IN AND MOVE-OUT Exhibitors must move-in and move-out according to set times and dates specified in the Exhibitor Planning Guide . The exhibitor must make its own arrangements for transportation of exhibits and packing material . ISPA cannot accept or sign for exhibits on behalf of the exhibitor . Exhibits are to be kept intact until the closing of the show . Any exhibitor who begins dismantling before the close of the show may be subject to penalties or denied the ability to participate in future events . Exhibitors will pay the cost of repairing any damage caused to the facility by the exhibitor and / or its contractors . Once the show floor is closed , GES will begin returning empty containers as soon as the aisle carpeting is removed from the Expo floor .
SAFETY All materials used in display construction or decorating should be made of fire retardant materials and be certified as flame retardant . A flame-proofing certificate should be available for inspection . All electrical equipment or devices used in an exhibit must be in good operating condition and able to pass fire and / or electrical inspections .
Exhibitors should dispose of any waste products they generate during the exhibition in accordance with guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency and the facility .
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