2023 ISPA Conference Exposure Guide 10-17-22 - Page 15

Ordering System . The Mandalay Bay partners are the exclusive provider for electric , food and beverage , rigging , telecommunications and broadband internet connections . Outside providers will not be permitted to work within the property . Mandalay Bay has jurisdiction over the installation , operations , maintenance , and repair of all portable electrical wiring and electrical equipment . ISPA assumes no responsibility or liability for any of the services performed or materials delivered by the foregoing persons , parties and organizations . Rules and regulations for union labor are made by the local unions and these regulations may be changed at any time . Where union labor is required because of building or contractor requirements , exhibitor agrees to comply with the regulations .
DEMONSTRATIONS As a matter of safety and courtesy to others , exhibitors should conduct sales presentations and product demonstrations in a manner which assures all exhibitor personnel and attendees are within the contracted exhibit space and not encroaching on the aisle or neighboring exhibits . It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange displays , product presentations and demonstration areas to ensure compliance . Special caution should be taken when demonstrating machinery or equipment with moving parts , cooking equipment with an open flame , or any product that is otherwise potentially dangerous . Exhibitors should establish a minimum setback of three feet ( 3 ’) and / or install hazard barriers as necessary to prevent accidental injury to spectators . Sound demonstrations should not exceed 85 decibels . Additionally , demonstrations should only be conducted by qualified personnel .
SELLING The Expo is held strictly as a means or product and / or services exhibiting and display . Over-the-counter or retail sales of any products or services are strictly prohibited during the Conference . Vendors must not complete sales by receiving payment / payment information or delivering their products in any contracted ISPA space during the Conference . This policy will be strictly enforced and ISPA reserves the right to remove any exhibiting company found exchanging currency or payment information on the trade show floor or in the convention areas , with no refund of booth or membership fees . Orders may be taken for future delivery only .
SOLICITATION / SUITCASING The solicitation of attendees and / or exhibitors outside paid booth space is strictly prohibited . Solicitations or demonstrations by exhibitors must be confined within their contracted space . Anyone who is observed to be showcasing products or soliciting business in the aisles or outside any paid booth space , or in violation of any portion of this policy , is subject to removal without refund and additional penalties . Exhibits , signs , graphics , displays and promotional materials are also prohibited in any of the public space or elsewhere on the premises of the meeting facilities or in the guest rooms or hallways of the hotels and must comply with all ordinary use-of-space requirements specified by ISPA and Mandalay Bay . These requirements will be followed by GES and ISPA and cannot be altered by exhibitors . Any firm or organization that is not an official exhibitor or sponsor of the event will be prohibited from soliciting business at the event .
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