2023-Charlene SanJenko, reGEN media - PODCAST GUEST

reGENerative media | the $ 1 trillion possibilities play

Inclusive innovation : Indigenous-led curated media partnerships with impact investors & progressive brands
reGEN media is flipping the advertising industry on its head ! reGEN media is the first and only Indigenous-owned and female-led regenerative media studio . We operate in the inclusive innovation space , introducing a new approach that aligns progressive creative projects with strong brands with the intent of striking partnerships and investment to propel lasting success for all involved . Our brand storytelling partnerships matched with philanthropy dollars and impact investment put the jet-fuel behind transformative stories by underrecognized creators that will shift the narrative to lift society .

● Regenerative media , defined as stories that inspire , lift , and transform , is poised to follow in the footsteps of impact investing in this decade

● Brand advertisers are hungry for an innovative , meaningful industry-shift

● Forward-thinking impact investors are continually looking upstream

● Indigenous storytellers have transformative stories to bring to life

● Regenerative media , an emerging sector , explores Indigenous-led curated media partnerships , decolonized business practices , decentralized production , and diversified portfolio options to finance transformative stories from historically underrecognized voices that deliver target returns in the future .

" Impact investing ensures companies working toward solving today ' s problems are well-funded . Regenerative media ensures today ' s problems don ' t follow us into tomorrow . It is our generation ' s most powerful lever for change ."
Charlene SanJenko
Two-time founder , impact producer , and media visionary
Meet Charlene SanJenko , a former national marketing manager , competitive athlete , human performance and community economic development enthusiast , social impact veteran , digital media arts professional , and Indigenous storyteller .
She began her career in the investment services industry and believes a $ 1 trillion possibilities play is absolutely within our fingertips in Indigenous-led curated media partnerships and decentralized regenerative media production . Charlene is excited to engage in energizing conversations that evoke curiosity , reflection , inspiration , hope , possibility , and positive anticipation !
" We live in an age of digital transformation and inclusive innovation . Let ' s play big , for good !"