2023 Cancer Annual Report | Page 2

Your Destination for Cancer Care

As we look back on the past year , we are filled with pride and appreciation for the amazing progress made by our employees and partners at the William N . Pennington Cancer Institute at Renown Health . Together , we are determined to meet the lofty goal of becoming a National Cancer Institute ( NCI ) Designated Cancer Center . Only 4 % of cancer centers have achieved the NCI designation . In 2023 , we took concrete steps toward that goal , and each stride we make contributes to improving the care and outcomes of the patients we so proudly serve .
Throughout the year , we expanded our comprehensive oncology services through physician recruitment . We enhanced our team with two breast surgical oncologists , a palliative care physician and one oncologic orthopedic surgeon . In addition , we have successfully recruited our fifth cancer surgeon , an academic urologist , two medical oncologists and a neurooncologist to join our team at the Pennington Cancer Institute in summer 2024 .
Our fundraising efforts continue to be an essential part of our growth for the future . A milestone event this year was the generous $ 5 million donation from Jeanne and Raymond Conrad toward a new 24,000 sq . ft . breast center . The Conrad Breast Center will include extensive breast diagnostic services , breast surgery , medical oncology , infusion services and a wellness center . We are grateful to the leadership of Renown Health and our Board , who also invested considerable funds to build this new state-of-the-art facility . Their commitment highlights that , as a not-for-profit hospital system , any gains made are reinvested in the community . We also acknowledge the commitment of Renown Health ’ s Foundation in raising an additional $ 5 million toward building the Conrad Breast Center and another $ 1 million toward cancer research . Our leaders share the vision of cancer care excellence in northern Nevada .
Our dedication to research , a keystone to becoming an NCI-Designated Cancer Center , also grew in 2023 . We made strides toward providing patients the opportunity to participate in innovative clinical trials , collaborating with leading institutions and pharmaceutical partners . These trials gave our patients access to treatments not yet available in the market . In addition , we have partnered with Freenome Holdings , Inc . to determine whether blood tests can diagnose certain types of cancer before patients experience symptoms . The focus now is on detecting colorectal and lung cancer . Many of our patients have graciously participated in these studies , and we eagerly await the results .
As we look ahead to the future , our commitment to excellence remains steadfast . We continue to push the boundaries of cancer treatment , harnessing the power of technology , collaboration and compassionate care to transform the lives of our patients and community .