2022 PRA Magazine Retailing Magazine 1st Quarter Edition - Page 5

glamping tents are developed using eco-friendly materials and appliances which offer energy and water saving . These glamping tents have become a go-to mini-vacation place during this pandemic as aside from sustainability , it also promotes rest , relaxation and a sense of outdoor adventure .
“ When the pandemic struck , the outdoor destination has become the refuge of many of us because it ’ s safer and it helps improve our mental state after being held hostage at home for a long time . The desire of humans to be with nature became more important and more sought-after when it was taken away from us during the pandemic ”. Surveys from AirBnB states 88 % of travelers prefer safe and family friendly vacations , and 53 % of them prefer to travel in open and less crowded areas . Jimmy also stated : “ Aside from concern for their own safety , Filipino travelers are becoming more aligned with global values and are more inclined to travel with selfess intents .” 80 % of Filipinos surveyed indicated that it is important for them to know that their travel can create a positive impact whether economically , culturally or environmentally .
Though traveling is not yet open in all countries in the globe , the CEO and president of Primer Group of Companies remains optimistic . “ There ' s always an opportunity in every crisis .” He goes on to say : “ While the world is still not open to accepting tourists , domestic destinations will certainly be the best option for most of us and that ’ s more than alright . The Philippines is an archipelago and it is rich in outdoor and adventure tourism destinations .”
50 % of the Airbnb survey respondents state that they plan to travel more frequently to rural and emerging destinations that are not yet popular among general tourists . “ The trend in rugged , authentic and sustainable offering is a theme that retailers and brand owners should not take lightly , they need to gradually adjust their business offerings as well as their brand positioning and align them with these values .”
Primer ’ s outdoor and adventure categories ’ bicycling and motorcycling brands have seen a double-digit growth even amidst the pandemic . Camping , car camping and overlanding activities have grown significantly as well and have fueled the growth of camping equipment and the growth of camping destinations across the country .
“ Primer ’ s Outdoor and Adventure portfolio is in the right place at the right time during the pandemic , but the key to success is setting the foundation even before the opportunity arrives .” Primer has been building the ecosystem for almost two decades , brick by brick , in order to establish a strong foundation in the outdoor and adventure sector . The group ’ s approach in introducing a niche lifestyle is committing to developing the market through effective brand building and creating an entire platform and ecosystem to contribute to the growth of the entire sector . The group introduced the outdoor and action sports categories when it was still a niche lifestyle and have since worked closely with different non-government organizations and government agencies like the Department of Tourism to put the Philippines in the outdoor and adventure tourism map . “ The Primer Group of Companies understands that the entire pie should grow more than the share of the pie . Collaborating with all stakeholders including its competitors is the key to growth ”, Jimmy shared .
Also within the pandemic , Primer found an opportunity to make R . O . X more accessible to their customers . “ Recently , ROX has also launched its digital platform rox . com . ph . R . O . X ’ s branded store presence is now also visible in ecomm marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada .” The group is also in the forefront of leveraging social media to build its community and reach more customers through its social selling and conversational commerce program .
The group continues to work with the outdoor and action sports community through shared advocacies , especially in the issue of sustainability and climate change . The group has also engaged in innovative approaches including offering repair services to increase the lifespan of its products and to reduce waste .
Primer Group of Companies has always remained adaptive to change and trends as it is led by great minds that have the capability to see opportunities in every difficulty . “ Once again , there is always an opportunity in every crisis . Don ' t be afraid to innovate and pivot when you spot an opportunity and window . Take the current crisis as a chance to reflect and refresh your business model and offering .”
The Primer Group of Companies understands that the entire pie should grow more than the share of the pie .