2022 May Newsletter | Page 17

The Golf and Greens committee met on April 19 , and discussed the following matters :
1 . Clarification / Additions to the new Greens Fees : As the originally approved fees did not include a 9 hole rate for Guests of Members ( accompanied by the member ), the board will vote on adding this new rate at the April 26 meeting . The proposed rate will be $ 40 during the week and $ 45 on weekends , to include cart .
Also , the new student rate did not include “ Law students ” in the description of who would be eligible . This oversight will be corrected to add this group .
A 9 hole rate was not included for Non-Members . It was determined that no provision be added at this time to accommodate non-members wanting to play nine holes , due to the difficulty of policing this once the player is on the course . This issue will be monitored and can be revisited should it become evident that it is needed .
2 . Memorial plaque for Kermit Rockett : Linda Maini provided a copy of the current club policy regarding memorials . This topic will be included in the agenda for the board to consider at the April 26 meeting . The policy requires that the family or other interested parties provide a donation of $ 5000 to the club for use in the capital projects budget .
3 . Golf Simulator : Herb Rubenstein is working on a proposal to rent a self-contained small trailer-like building that would have the equipment and utilities pre-installed . Once the costs and options are available he will present them to the committee for consideration .
4 . Stroke Equalization Control : Our new handicap system , Handicomp , does not have a stroke equalization policy . In order to have consistent handicaps , it is proposed that we continue to use the policy previously used with the World Handicap System . This would mean that any member player should not post a hole score greater than net double bogey . This policy was unanimously agreed to by the committee members present . This policy will be submitted to the board for approval .
By :

Hal Hill

Chairman , Golf Committee