2022 March Newsletter | Page 10

The membership committee monthly meeting included the following discussion : 1 . Expanding the value of Major Event
Weekends 2 . Implementing dues increases effective
March 1 3 . “ 25 for 25 ” New Membership Campaign 4 . Potential New Membership Options 5 . Follow-up and intervention process for addressing member concerns and resignations
Major Event Weekends The committee recognizes that the most significant membership benefit differentiator from non-member will be expanding our Major Event Weekends starting with Memorial Day weekend . Traditionally , LGCC has held a golf tournament and party as a major event but this year will expand these events to include all facets of the club .
• Golf tournament
• Pool events
• Tennis / Pickleball events
• Food and Beverage offerings
• Entertainment
• Family specific events
• Older member activities
2022 Dues Increase A Notice of Dues Increase was included in February ’ s bill advising of the increase in dues / capital and food minimum effective March 1st .
“ 25 for 25 ” Membership Campaign We have started 2022 with a positive number in membership . Our members are our best salespeople . We will incorporate gift certificates and other member rewards to encourage members to help in bringing new members to LGCC . The Committee is exploring additional membership options for LGCC as enhancements for joining .
Member Retention It is critical that we address any resignations or talk of resignation as soon as we are alerted to it . The sooner we can address member concerns or needs the better chance we have of keeping that member . If you know of anyone thinking about resigning , please alert Susan Delfert or a committee member ASAP so we can react quickly .
By :

Kevin Burke

Membership Committee Chair