2022 June Newsletter | Page 9

While working at Hunting Hills CC in Roanoke I was introduced to The First Tee . Their curriculum teaches that Life Skills , such as Honesty , Integrity , Courtesy , Perseverance , etc , are as important as learning the proper grip and stance . Looking for teachable moments while on the golf course , to bring up a Life Skill , is satisfying to me and hopefully long lasting for the recipient .
In conclusion , I recall , while attending a First Tee Training Class in Houston , sitting across from a 40 something lady in a sundress and high heels and a 50 something guy covered in tattoos and tank top . I thought to myself ...” these are not your ordinary golf instructors .” They went on to explain that they lived in Miami and both were police officers . A local juvenile judge was introduced to the First Tee program and came up with the idea that offenders were given an option to either enroll in a First Tee program or go to jail . These officers were learning the basics of golf and how to incorporate teachable moments while providing golf classes . Hallelujah !!
Please note , at least 6 kids and / or families have joined Lexington CC as members through this junior program . Thank you again for all your support !
Wm . Scott Frasier , PGA , 540.588.3355
By :

Scott Frasier

Head Golf Pro