2022 ISPA Conference Exposure Guide 8-10 - Page 6

REGISTRATION BAGS Investment : $ 49,450 SOLD *
Let your logo get carried away ! As attendees check-in onsite , the Registration Bag is one of the first things attendees receive , giving your brand unique exposure through logo placement on the bags . Additionally , attendees become a walking billboard for your brand – during Conference and globally as they return home from the event .
Highlighted benefits include :
• Sponsor logo on each Conference Registration Bag .
• Opportunity to place a gift in all bags .
EXPERIENCE CENTER SOLD Investment : $ 19,500 Total sponsors : 8
Do you want an intimate setting to showcase your product , offer treatments and / or have private meeting space ? The ISPA Experience Center is the perfect spot for you , as you can meet one-on-one with attendees and demonstrate your products / services . Think of a VIP area where you can offer memorable experiences that will make your brand stand out .
Highlighted benefits include :
• Dedicated private room for you to fully brand and customize .
• Opportunity to promote pre-booking of treatment / experience appointments to the attendees via attendispa . com , the mobile app and various other resources .
ISPA CONFERENCE MOBILE APP Investment : $ 18,000 Total sponsors : 2
Attendees love getting digital by utilizing the ISPA Conference Mobile app and you can be in the center of it all as one of the app co-sponsors . Be a prominent presence on this go-to app that houses everything attendees need to plan ahead , navigate the event onsite and do post-event follow-up .
Highlighted benefits include :
• Banner ad placement on app homepage with ability to link to a URL of choice .
• Ability to send one push notification to attendees during each day of Conference .
WELCOME PARTY Investment : $ 20,500 Total sponsors : 3
Place your brand front and center at the Welcome Party and kick off Conference on a high note as one of the event ’ s co-sponsors . The Welcome Party is where attendees can network and start the week off right .
Highlighted benefits include :
• Sponsor logo displays and special recognition throughout the event venue .
• Special Sponsor VIP area inside the party .
* Sponsorship sold to previous year sponsor via first-right-of-refusal benefit .
ISPA CONFERENCE 2022 | Exposure Guide