2022 February Newsletter - Page 16

The following is a summary of discussion at January ’ s golf committee meeting :
Golf Simulator - tabled this discussion until such time as an appropriate space can be found for installation .
Women ’ s Development Tour - Delayed further discussion until February , when Herb Rubenstein will be available to provide details .
Drone Video of LGCC - It was noted that this was done several years ago , but the purpose was not known . Hal will talk with Cliff to determine if Indigo / Troon has equipment to make such a video . Kermit Rockett advised that he has a drone , with camera , if we want to pursue this further .
2022 Golf Calendar - Copies of current planned events provided by Scott Frasier . All events are currently shown on the club website and in our newsletter .
Membership Value - There was lively discussion around the topic of how to provide members with more value for their membership . This centered around the extensive use of Fridays for private outings / charity fundraisers , thus making the course unavailable to members ( unless they are playing in the scheduled event ). Jake Valentino noted that morning start times will allow members to have access to the course by early afternoon . It was also pointed out by Scott Frasier that we are increasing our greens fees for Friday outings to encourage the use of other weekdays for these events . Scott also proposed that if a member with cart plan is playing in the event , the cart fee built into the event rate could be credited to the charity , if not using a Friday for the event . This would provide further incentive to the charity to use alternative days .
Based upon the recommendation of the Golf Committee the Board of Directors adopted the following policies at its January 25 , 2022 meeting :
• Tee times before 11 am on Saturday and Sunday shall be reserved for LGCC members . Tee times not booked by 12:00 pm shall be released to non-members .
• Monday : The course is open to members only after 2 pm and is limited to walkers .
Member-Guest Tournament - The member - guest will be held on June 17 - 19 . Golf will be coordinated with other activities by the Special Events committee . Neil Lineberry will act as the chairperson for the tournament .