2022 February Newsletter | Page 23


Thank You


Saying Goodbye to Cliff , our friend and GREAT GM is difficult .
Cliff came to LGCC a year ago and from day one hit the ground running . He is a seasoned GM and in the midst of covid kept our club running and open for business . There were long periods of time when he served as our club ’ s chef because employees were few and far between due to covid . Cliff has given LGCC 100 % effort during his tenure . His accomplishments are too many to address , but one of the most significant changes is the improvement in food and beverage services . Member reviews have gone from “ not so great to excellent ”. We will miss Cliff and send him off with well wishes for a healthy and happy retirement . LGCC Club President , Jack Bovay , when announcing Cliff ’ s retirement , referred to him as our “ Terrific General Manager ” whom we thank for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of LGCC .