2022 Code of Ethics - Page 7

Our Culture & Values

When we think about how we achieve our mission , it all depends on building and sustaining trust with people and organizations around the globe . Our goals are only possible when people trust BBNC and our subsidiaries .
How do we earn and build that trust ? It starts by applying our culture and values to build lasting relationships inside and outside of BBNC . Our culture is our operating framework — who we are and how we behave . Our values are the enduring principles that we use to do business with integrity and win trust every day .
Our Culture
Customer Focused One BBNC Diverse and Inclusive Make a Difference
Ethical Behavior Open & Respectful Workplace Accountability & Responsibility Clear Communication Meaningful Collaboration
Operating with
The Code
BBNC ’ s Code will show you how we use our culture and values to build and preserve trust with our shareholders , customers , partners , representatives , governments and each other , so we can achieve more together .
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