2022 Code of Ethics - Page 44

The offer or receipt of bribes is strictly prohibited . While bribes may be commonplace in many countries , they remain illegal , illicit or prohibited in most , and they are not permitted by BBNC . It is unfortunate that in some countries you may be confronted by a situation in which such a payment is extorted and you are forced to make the payment under duress or because you face a reasonable belief that your safety is threatened . If you find yourself in this extraordinary situation please contact your supervisor and the BBNC Compliance Department immediately .
Anti-boycott laws and regulations discourage and , in some cases , prohibit U . S . companies from furthering or supporting foreign boycotts that the United States does not sanction . This has particular application to dealing with Arab countries and others who may participate in a boycott of Israel . U . S . companies are required to report requests they have received to take actions to comply with , or support unsanctioned foreign boycotts .
Your Responsibilities
Do not , directly or indirectly , offer , give , accept or demand a bribe in order to obtain or retain business .
Do not offer , or give in to demands , to make illicit or illegal payments to agents , public officials , the employees of business partners or anybody else with whom we do business .
Take appropriate steps to ensure that your interactions with business partners align with BBNC ’ s Culture of Integrity .