2022 Code of Ethics - Page 38

would cause business injury if it became known to its competitors .
Source selection information is information which the government has developed to use in conducting a particular procurement and the release of which could jeopardize the competitive integrity of the procurement . Examples include bid prices submitted in proposals , source selection plans , technical evaluations , and competitive range determinations .
Your Responsibilities
Do NOT give gifts or money to procurement officials .
Prior to award , do NOT ask for a competing contractor ’ s proprietary information or source selection information .
If you realize that you have source selection or proprietary information related to an ongoing procurement , do NOT look at it or allow unauthorized access to the information .
If you have inadvertently received or seen source selection or proprietary information related to an ongoing procurement , contact the BBNC Compliance Department .
Government personnel are subject to a different standard . Under both federal and state law , government personnel are generally prohibited from accepting entertainment , meals , gifts , gratuities , and other things of value from businesses and persons with whom they do business or over whom they have regulatory authority .
Employees of the executive branch are permitted to accept unsolicited business gifts ( except cash or investment interests ) of up to $ 20 in market value per occasion ( the entire visit ).
The sum of these gifts cannot exceed $ 50 from one company per calendar year .
Offering or giving gifts in excess of these amounts may be a criminal offense , regardless of intent and regardless of whether paid with BBNC or personal funds .