2022 Code of Ethics - Page 37

Under set-aside contract awards , small business prime contractors are required to self-perform certain levels of work on government contracts . BBNC government contractors must comply with these regulations known as prime contractor ’ s limitations on subcontracting . BBNC ’ s contract compliance efforts explicitly include compliance with all the terms and conditions of a contract , including performance requirements . There are additional regulations dealing with government contracting programs for small businesses ( set-aside contract awards ). As government contractors , we must comply with labor standards statutes ( i . e . Service Contract Act , Contract Work Hours , Safety Standards Act , Davis Bacon , etc .) as well as many other statues specific to government contracting .
Your Responsibilities
Read your respective contracts and familiarize yourself with the contract terms and conditions .
Adhere to all terms and conditions of the contract .
Actively monitor and comply with the contract performance of work requirements .
Procurement integrity regulations encourage contractors to compete fairly for government contracts and prohibits unethical conduct on the part of both contractors and government procurement officials . The laws prohibit government contractors from :
Offering or discussing employment or business opportunities with government procurement officials .
Offering , giving , or promising to give money , gratuities , or anything of value to such officials .
Asking or obtaining from a government employee any proprietary information or source selection information related to an ongoing government procurement .
Disclosing proprietary or source selection information to anyone who is not on the government ’ s list of approved persons .
In general , proprietary information is information that is owned by a company and that the company tries to protect from disclosure , marks as proprietary , and believes
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