2022 Code of Ethics | Page 32

The Truthful Cost or Pricing Data Act ( TINA ) generally requires that company personnel who prepare contract proposals , negotiate contracts with the U . S . government , or provide information for those who do must make sure all statements and communications are truthful , clear , complete , and presented in an easy-tounderstand manner .
Cost and pricing data include all facts that prudent buyers and sellers would reasonably expect to affect price negotiations . It includes factual information or data such as :
Your Responsibilities
Ensure cost and pricing data are current , accurate , and complete .
Correct any information provided to the government that is NOT current , accurate , and complete .
Immediately submit updated information if it is received before the parties reach price agreement .
Subcontracted items ; Direct labor hours and dollars ; Indirect expenses ;
Information on management decisions that could have significant bearing on costs ;
Vendor quotations ;
Historical data upon which estimates are based .