2022 Code of Ethics - Page 28

Personal Political Contributions & Activities
BBNC employees are strongly encouraged , as individuals , to engage in political activities , such as voting or making personal contributions in support of candidates or political parties of your choice . You are also encouraged to express your views on government , legislation , or other matters of local and national interest . These activities , however , must be undertaken on your own time and at your own expense .
BBNC will not attempt to dictate to any employee which political party or view to support . Under no circumstances will any employee be compensated , reimbursed , given or denied employment or promotion , as a result of making , or failing to make , a political contribution .
Corporate Political Activity
Federal and state laws strictly regulate corporate political activity . BBNC ’ s growth and business interests make it necessary to closely scrutinize our political activity , ensuring it is consistent with our culture , values , business objectives , and the law . Only the BBNC Board of Directors may determine BBNC ’ s position on political issues , including endorsement of political candidates and making any allowable corporate political contributions .
BBNC is prohibited from using federal funds to pay persons such as lobbyists or consultants to influence or attempt to influence executive or legislative decision making in connection with the award or performance of any contract .
We are also required to furnish a certification that no federal funds have been paid or will be paid in violation of this prohibition . In addition , BBNC is required to report to the government any payments to lobbyists or consultants paid with non-federal funds for such purposes .
Personal Relationships with Legislative & Executive Branch Officers , Employees , & Elected Officials
BBNC recognizes that employees may have long established personal relationships with legislative and executive branch officers , employees , elected officials or their immediate family members . If you have an established personal relationship you should disclose the circumstances to your supervisor and the BBNC Compliance Department .
Your Responsibilities
Obey restrictions imposed by law upon company participation in politics .
Make clear that the political views you express are your own .
Do not utilize company resources for political purposes .
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