2022 Code of Ethics - Page 26

Business records created and received by BBNC must be managed , controlled , monitored and secured in compliance with laws , regulations , and company policies .
The maintenance , retention , retrieval , protection , and preservation of records from creation to final disposition or preservation is a critical component to business . BBNC defines a record as any information , regardless of format , that has legal or business retention requirements . In many cases , records will be documents . This includes , but is not limited to , hand written or printed documents , recorded spoken words , videos , email , electronic data or information . The management of records starts when the record is created and continues until it is no longer legally required or maintained indefinitely .
Records are maintained only for the recommended retention period and are destroyed in accordance with the BBNC Record Retention Schedule .
If you have questions about business records , please contact the RIM Department , consult the BBNC
Corporate RIM Policy , and review the BBNC Enterprise-Wide Record Retention Schedule .
Your Responsibilities
Only authorized individuals may manage or destroy records .
Do NOT destroy any records prior to their destruction date .
Retain any records subject to a records hold . Records may be held or retained for investigation , litigation , or other appropriate business purposes .
You should protect confidential business information and only disclose such information when it is authorized by BBNC or legally required . Confidential business information includes , among other things , any non-public information concerning BBNC , its business dealings , potential partnerships or acquisitions , products , services , and financial information .
Confidential business information also includes any non-public information obtained from third parties , including current and potential business associates or competitors . The obligation to safeguard confidential information continues even after your employment with BBNC ceases .
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