2022 Code of Ethics - Page 24

With HSE
Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is a primary concern of everyone at BBNC . Each of us is responsible for knowing and complying with all safety policies , regulations , and rules that apply to our job . Following these requirements , helps ensure not only your safety , but also the safety of your colleagues and other persons .
Supervisors must know , understand , and demand compliance with the safety laws and regulations that apply to their areas of responsibility , including all applicable state health and safety laws and regulations and the Occupational Safety and Health Act ( OSHA ).
In addition , all supervisors must respond immediately to a report or notification of work hazards and / or any perceived deficiency in employee training , experience , or knowledge in the safe operation of equipment or in the safe performance of assigned work activities .
Your Responsibilities
Take care of yourself . Wear and use safety equipment .
Do NOT take shortcuts . Take the time to do the job safely and right .
Never tell another employee that safety does not matter or to disregard safety procedures .
Notify your supervisor of any hazardous conditions or another employee ’ s failure to use safety equipment or follow safety procedures .
Cooperate in the event of a workplace inspection .
BBNC is expected to conduct all business operations in a way that avoids or minimizes any possible adverse impact on the environment . We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations , including providing truthful and accurate information to government permitting authorities .
Your Responsibilities
Know and adhere to any applicable environmental laws and regulations that apply to your area of responsibility .
Immediately report any discharge or spill of any hazardous or dangerous subtance .
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