2022 Code of Ethics - Page 14

With each other
BBNC is committed to the fair and equitable treatment of its employees . An employee ’ s qualifications , skills , job performance , and achievements are the only factors upon which decisions concerning hiring and promotions should be based , subject to the BBNC Shareholder Hire Preference Policy .
Hiring and promotion decisions must be merit-based without regard to age , race , color , gender , sexual orientation , national origin , religion , disability , marital or family status , or any other category protected by law . BBNC does not tolerate discrimination .
Your Responsibilities
Treat your fellow employees with respect as you would like to be treated . Do NOT treat your fellow employees differently for any reason .
Do no harm . The work environment at BBNC should be safe and welcoming . Do NOT make or tolerate jokes , comments , or remarks based on a person ’ s race , color , gender , sexual orientation , national origin , age , religion , disability , marital or family status , or other illegal consideration .
Create an environment where all employees feel safe and are respectful of each other .
Shareholder Hire
Shareholder Hire Preference Policy
BBNC was formed pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 ( ANCSA ), passed by Congress to address aboriginal land claims and promote the welfare of Alaska Natives .
BBNC and its subsidiaries grant an employment preference first to its shareholders , their spouses or descendants and second , to other Alaska Native applicants who meet the qualifications of the position .
BBNC encourages and supports Shareholder Hire in all companies .