2022 Code of Ethics - Page 11


The BBNC Compliance & Ethics Program safeguards BBNC ’ s reputation , business interests , and standard for excellence in the workplace . It creates a framework to support employees in doing the right thing . The BBNC Compliance & Ethics Program ’ s framework is supplemented by each BBNC subsidiary to ensure BBNC creates and maintains right-sized , industry-tailored resources to support the unique circumstances of every employee .
As a BBNC employee , you are the first line of defense and you set the tone and expectations for your everyday interactions in your workplace . We expect you to uphold our Culture of Integrity .
Your Responsibilities
Read , understand , and comply with this Code and your company ’ s policies .
Contact your company personnel if you have questions or concerns .
Complete the Annual Compliance & Ethics Training and any company required training .
Support our Culture of Integrity . If you are a supervisor , maintain an open-door policy and address workplace concerns appropriately .
Report workplace concerns to the appropriate personnel or reporting channel .
Promote and celebrate ethical behavior .
Reporting a concern
BBNC is committed to maintaining a Culture of Integrity in everything we do because it is the right thing to do – for our employees and our customers .
bbnc . ethical-advocate . com
Report goes to HR , Compliance , &/ or Legal Report Review Resolve