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Operating with
The legal and ethical principles that comprise this Code guide our behaviors and conduct . This Code is broadly stated and not intended to replace BBNC and BBNC companies ’ policies and procedures .
Rather , it provides an overview and a common understanding of BBNC ’ s values and ideals to which we aspire in the conduct of our business activities .
BBNC is proud of our businesses and employees . We take pride in the work that we perform every day . We expect ethical and honorable behavior of ourselves , those who work for us , and those we work with — our business partners , vendors , and clients . We set our performance standards high and we expect to be judged by the quality of our work . We want to work with companies and individuals that share our values .
This Code applies to all of BBNC : BBNC and its subsidiaries , directors , officers , employees , consultants , agents , and to all business activities conducted by the corporation . When the Code talks about “ BBNC ” or the “ corporation ,” it is intended to include BBNC corporate employees as well as those of its subsidiaries .
This Code will be incorporated in all consultant contracts , and each such contract will expressly provide for termination in the event the consultant violates this Code .
Consult your contracting department regarding contract obligations . This Code sets out the standards that we expect all of our employees to follow . This Code is designed to set out the standards that we expect all of our employees to follow .
Please take time to read and under this Code since we expect that you will understand and follow it . We expect all BBNC employees to read , understand , and follow this Code . If there is something in the Code that you do not understand or you would like further guidance , please ask questions !
Updates and Revisions to the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
This Code is updated periodically to reflect changes in regulations and written standards ( policies , procedures , guidelines , etc .). The most current and authoritative version of the Code is available at : bbnc . net and info . bbnc . net .
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