2022 Code of Ethics | Page 9

How to Use The Code

To make good decisions
Making good decisions and ethical choices builds trust between each of us and the people we interact with every day . Not all situations you encounter are straightforward — how do you make the best choice when facing difficult or unclear circumstances ? How do you navigate ethical dilemmas ?
While this Code will not tell you exactly what to do in every situation , it serves as a guide to help you make good decisions and navigate complex situations where the answer might not always be clear .
When faced with a difficult decision or situation follow these steps :
1 . Pause . Does a situation make you uneasy ? Are your instincts telling you something is not quite right ? Pause before you act and consider how to approach the situation .
2 . Think . Is your approach consistent with BBNC ’ s culture and values ? Does it build or maintain trust ? Never sacrifice long- term reputation and trust for a short-term benefit .
3 . Ask . There are numerous resources available to you . We encourage to start with your supervisor , company ' s General Manager / Program Manager , or Department Head .
Your Supervisor , GM / PM / Dept . Head
Sr . Leadership
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