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Jason Metrokin

Bristol Bay Native Corporation ( BBNC ) was established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act ( ANCSA ). Our mission is “ Enriching Our Native Way of Life .” With headquarters in Anchorage , Alaska , BBNC has worked to deliver value to the Native people of Southwest Alaska through economic development , cultural enhancement and preservation , stewardship of our lands and educational scholarships . These benefits are made possible by the hard work and dedication of our subsidiaries and employees .
As of 2021 , BBNC employs approximately 4,500 employees in subsidiaries throughout Alaska and beyond . Alaska will always be our home , but today we are a global company , with diversified and successful business operations around the world .
As an Alaska Native Corporation , no matter where we work or how large we grow , our values are at the core of our operations and actions . They shape how we treat each other as well as how we conduct our business around the world . These values have been our foundation , and they are also our future .
While BBNC ‘ s success depends on these values , along with delivery of high-quality products and services , our employees are one of our most valuable resources as a company . We rely on each of you to ensure that BBNC ’ s Culture of Integrity is infused into daily activities and operations .
BBNC is committed to integrity in everything we do — and
we believe that is a shared responsibility . Each BBNC employee is a champion for our corporation and our values .
I ask that you take the time to closely review the BBNC Code of Ethics and Business Conduct ( Code ). The Code sets out BBNC ’ s standards and expectations for conducting business .
The Code provides specific guidance to all directors , officers , employees , whether employed by BBNC corporate or a BBNC subsidiary , and agents . While the Code is comprehensive , it is not possible to include answers to every question . If you are faced with a situation that is not clearly addressed by this Code , or if you have questions of any kind , please reach out to your supervisor , company leader or use the other resources available to you , including the BBNC Compliance Department , or the BBNC Ethics Hotline .
I am proud to work for BBNC and to represent the values and integrity that BBNC is associated with in our communities . Thank you for all that you do , and for being a BBNC leader .
Best Regards ,
Jason Metrokin BBNC President & CEO
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