2022 Code of Ethics | Page 42

It is a felony to knowingly make a false claim or false statement to the federal government . Do NOT lie to yourself , your fellow employees , your supervisor , or the customers or suppliers . It is wrong . It is dangerous and it can be against the law .
BBNC will not tolerate conduct such as charging labor or material costs improperly or to the wrong account or charging direct contract effort to an overhead or indirect account .
Bad conduct , false time cards , and improper charges may subject both BBNC and individual employees to civil and criminal sanctions including fines , debarment or suspension , and prison sentences . Such violations also can expose an employee to discipline up to and including termination of employment .
Your Responsibilities
Be fair and honest with your customers . Treat the government as a valued client . Take the time to be accurate and provide good information . It is not possible to list all contract-related dealings with the government that present the risk of false statements , false claims , or other violations .
Charge all labor , equipment and material costs accurately , to the appropriate account , regardless of the status of the budget for that account .
Fully disclose complete and accurate cost and pricing data that is current , up to the date of agreement on price . Remember that the definition of data that must be disclosed is very broad and includes facts as well as management decisions , estimates ( based on verifiable data ), and other information that a reasonable person would expect to affect the negotiations .
Do NOT submit proposals for reimbursement of indirect costs to the government that contain expressly unallowable costs such as for advertising , donations , lobbying , entertainment , fines and penalties , defense of fraud proceedings , and goodwill . Only request reimbursement for those indirect costs that are reasonable in amount and for those costs that you believe in good faith are allowable .
Deliver goods and services that meet all contract requirements and give the customer the highest degree of confidence in our work . Improprieties , such as failure to conduct required testing , or manipulation or falsification of test procedures or data , will not be tolerated .
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