2022 Code of Ethics | Page 22

Your Responsibilities
Keep in mind that social media is not contained to geographic boundaries and content that may be acceptable in some regions may be offensive in others .
Do not share our confidential company data .
If you make an error or accidentally post inaccurate information , be up front about your mistake , correct it quickly , and remove .
Express only your personal opinions . Never represent yourself as a spokesperson for BBNC . If BBNC is a subject of the content you are creating , be clear and open about the fact that you do not represent BBNC .
Do not make comments that are racist , sexist or otherwise discriminatory or that create a hostile work environment .
Do not make threats of violence or remarks that are obscene , malicious , vulgar , defamatory , threatening , harassing , abusive or bullying .
Operating with
BBNC encourages all employees to explore and engage in social media communities at a level at which they feel comfortable . Have fun , but be smart . The best advice is to approach online worlds in the same way we do the physical one - by using sound judgment and common sense , by adhering to our culture and values , and by following this Code and all applicable company policies .