2022 Code of Ethics | Page 20

BBNC ’ s computer , phone , email , voicemail , internet and information technology systems ( BBNC ' s systems ) are to be used for company business purposes . Employees and others should be aware that they have no expectation of privacy when using BBNC ’ s systems .
Your responsibilities
Use BBNC ’ s systems for work purposes .
Understand that you have no privacy for or ownership of anything you do on BBNC ’ s systems .
We live in a digital age . BBNC recognizes the value of our data and BBNC ' s systems that store and transmit that data . For our business purposes , we all have a role in protecting tat data and our IT systems .
BBNC categorizes its data according to the impact that unauthorized access , loss of integrity , or interruption in the availably of the data would cause , the security measures needed to protect that particular category of data and the laws governing the treatment of that particular category of data .
If you have questions about data security or believe that data has been lost , stolen , miscategorized , mishandled or used improperly , contact your IT Department or the BBNC Compliance Department .
Your Responsibilities
Identify and protect company business data and information .
Ask questions about the proper way to safeguard data and information .
Participate in cybersecurity training .
Understand the daily threat to the security of our data and your role in protecting our data .
Read and understand your company ’ s cybersecurity policies .
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