2022 Code of Ethics | Page 18

BBNC highly values safe and socially responsible conduct toward others . We are deeply committed to a 100 % drug and alcohol-free workplace for everyone ’ s safety and protection . You should not possess , distribute , use or be under the influence of drugs , alcohol or other intoxicants while on the job .
Your Responsibilities
Read and understand your company ’ s Employee Handbook .
Do NOT use any intoxicating substance while on the job .
Report any co-worker you reasonably suspect may be under the influence at work .
Generally , BBNC property must not be used for any business other than corporate purposes . Employees must not borrow , give away , loan , sell , or otherwise dispose of corporate property , regardless of the condition , without specific authorization . If you have questions , ask your supervisor . BBNC takes any unauthorized use of BBNC funds or property seriously , and this type of use can be considered embezzlement . Be careful to protect corporate property from theft , damage , or misuse .
BBNC has the responsibility of protecting company property and equipment , as well as leased equipment . Property includes tangible assets , such as money , physical materials , and real property , and also intangible property , such as technology , computer programs , business plans , trade secrets , and other confidential or proprietary information .
Employees and consultants are responsible for appropriate use , maintenance , accounting for , and , when necessary , disposal of government property in compliance with government mandated policies and procedures . Failure to properly handle government property may result in disciplinary action , including termination , and may expose a wrongdoer to criminal penalties .
Your Responsibilities
Take care of any equipment that belongs to your company . Take equal care of the equipment that belongs to our customers .
Keep any property that has been entrusted to you safe and keep track of it . This includes supplies , equipment , facilities , files , documents , films , and electronically recorded data or images .
Do not use company equipment , property , or assets for excessive personal use .
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