2022 Code of Ethics | Page 16

Conflicts of interest arise when the personal interests of an employee influence , or appear to influence , that employee ’ s judgment or ability to act in BBNC ’ s best interest .
While you are at work , your time and loyalty should be dedicated to BBNC . Any outside activities , such as a second job or self-employment , must be kept entirely separate from your employment with BBNC . Any activities or personal financial interest that could adversely affect the independence or objectivity of your judgment should be disclosed and avoided .
Be careful of outside business interests that may present a personal conflict of interest or the appearance of shared loyalties . These situations may directly involve the employee or the employee ’ s family members or romantic partners . Generally , any arrangement of this nature should be avoided .
It is always best to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest . In all circumstances , the employee must disclose the actual or potential conflict to his or her supervisor . Any actual or potential conflict of interest must be reported to the BBNC Compliance Department .
If you have questions whether an action would create a conflict of interest ask for guidance . Disclosure and transparency are integral to our culture of integrity , even if situation turns out not to be a conflict .
Your Responsibilities
While working for BBNC you may not work for any other business that competes with , or interferes with , the duties or responsibilities that you have to BBNC .
Do not conduct business with a spouse , relative , significant other , or a romantic interest unless it is disclosed to and approved by your supervisor and the BBNC Compliance Department .
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