2022 'ASTORS' SHOWCASE EDITION September 2022 ISSUE 63 | Page 23

ization of family or friends , finan- cial benefits , a desire to improve their social status , hopelessness , and heavenly benefits arising from martyrdom .
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Some women have been coerced into terrorism after they have been accused of bringing dis- honor to their kin through some moral infraction .

Female terrorists have inflicted damage on soft and hard targets , usually enjoying laxer attitudes from government , private securi- ty , and the public , since women are typically not perceived to be involved with terrorism .

This misconception is a factor in the success of female terrorists in perpetrating many attacks , in- cluding suicide bombings .

Including females as terrorists effectively doubles the num- ber of prospective recruits and contributors to a terrorist cause .

Also , women are viewed with less suspicion than men .

Women offer tactical advan- tages , including less frequent and rigorous searches by government authorities . Law enforcement , security personnel , and the intelligence com- munity at home and abroad have assumed that women will refrain from terrorist ac- tivities .

But these attitudes are chang- ing with more frequent inves- tigations and prosecutions of women terrorists in the United States and abroad .