2022-2023 IEC Academic Membership brochure (clone) | Page 2

There is a critical need in the US for more qualified engineering and tech graduates to meet workforce demand and growth. However, minority engineering talent is often untapped while the minority serving institutions are under-resourced.


The Inclusive Engineering Consortium (IEC) strives to equip a diverse engineering workforce for the future by leveraging the talents and resources of minority serving institutions and improving graduation rates of minorities in engineering. We are dedicated to ensuring a future of diversity, inclusion, and equity throughout engineering.

Specifically, the IEC is committed to:

Finding ways to increase the enrollment, retention, and

graduation of underrepresented minority students in


Providing financial, academic, and professional

development support systems for students from

matriculation to the time they graduate and join the


Partnering programs for faculty with institutions from

across the higher education spectrum to establish

conversations for research, co-teaching and more.

Finding and implementing the best development,

recruitment, support, and mentoring practices to

increase the numbers and rank of underrepresented

minority faculty at partner institutions.

Professional development, diversity, and an effective

learning experience for students, staff, and faculty who

are part of and/or serve historically minority

institutions and communities.

We recognize the need to provide critical and impactful initiatives designed to increase both the quantity and preparedness of minority students in engineering while also better leveraging the talents and resources of minority serving institutions.

Ultimately, we tackle real world issues of engineering and diversity. Please join us in making a better, more inclusive world!

Best regards,

Craig Scott

President, IEC

Professor & Chair, Morgan State University

A Letter from the President