2021 Victorian Rental Reforms Residential Tenancies Overview - Page 5

Expanded definition for urgent repairs
Urgent repairs now include repairs or replacements relating to air conditioning , safety devices and any fault or damage which makes the property unsafe or insecure , including pest infestations , or mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure .
Urgent repairs guidelines
The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria will issue guidelines clarifying timeframes for responding to urgent repairs . VCAT must consider the guidelines when determining urgent repairs disputes .
Increased limit for urgent repairs reimbursement
The money limit for renters to authorise urgent repairs when their rental provider has not promptly responded to an urgent repair request has been increased .
New rules for renters making modifications to rented property
Renters can make prescribed modifications without the rental provider ’ s consent . There are other modifications which a rental provider cannot unreasonably refuse consent to renters making .
Safety-related activities
Renters and rental providers must undertake safety-related activities set out in the rental agreement . Where necessary , they must ensure the activity is carried out by a suitably qualified person .
Records of gas and electrical safety checks
Rental providers must comply with prescribed requirements for keeping and producing records of gas and electrical safety checks conducted at the property .
Locks for external doors and windows
Rental providers must ensure that external doors are secured with a working deadlock and each window capable of having a lock has one .
There are exceptions , for example if there is a screen door attached to an external door with a deadlock .
Rental provider joining owners corporation to repair application
Where an application is made to VCAT for a breach of duty where the alleged repair involves a problem or defect originating from the adjoining common property , the rental provider may join any relevant owners corporation as a party to the application .