2021 Victorian Rental Reforms - FAQ Guide - Page 5

Question Answer
Any changes to NBN connection ?
Yes - rental providers are required to provide NBN connection . If the property has no NBN connection , the rental provider will be required to pay for this .
What input did Ray White have on these changes ?
When submissions were open , Ray White put forward submissions stating their position as the largest provider of property management services in Victoria .
Did property owners get a chance to provide opinions in the lead up to these changes ?
Yes - consultation processes were open in 2018 , seeking feedback from the industry .
How will Ray White support rental providers after 29 March ?
Ray White will continue to manage rental properties in accordance with all legislation and regulations in order to protect our clients . Our team has undertaken over two years of training to ensure they can assist you during the transition .
Are there any penalty units for breaches ?
Yes - both the renter and the rental provider may be fined for nonperformance of the rental agreement and the Residential Tenancies Act .
Can we still issue a 120-day notice to vacate ?
No - the 120-day notice to vacate for no specific reason has been removed from this legislation .
Under what circumstances can a renter break a rental agreement legally ?
A renter can break an agreement at any time ; however , there are penalties for doing so . These are listed in the prescribed Form 1 ( Rental agreement of less than five years ).