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Using patented technologies and the latest in flexible design , Brightwell Dispensers has created an ergonomically designed and cost-effective range , packed with features to meet your needs .
DILUTION PIN Our precise patented dilution pin eliminates the need for cumbersome metering tips . The revolutionary wheel design enables you to select up to 13 distinct dilution ratios per chemical . Available in standard ( white ), PVDF ( yellow ) for more aggressive chemicals and ultra dilution ( red ).
DOSING RING Exclusive to the ECOSHOT , our patented dosing ring offers the option to dose shots of chemical between 5ml and 30ml . Dosing requirements are adjusted by simply turning the green ring to the matching dosage indicator .
FLEXIBLE DESIGN Our range has been designed with flexibility in mind . Parts and accessories are interchangeable across the range and chemical cabinets can be installed on either side of the dispenser to keep chemicals safe and secure . All proportioner systems are available with BrightGap and AirGap backflow preventers .
PROPRIETARY PIN POSITION Protect your equipment investment with our exclusive pin positioning service . Unique pin positions lock the chemical cabinet to your chemical packaging , preventing competitor packaging from being used with your dispenser .
HIGH-FLOW OPERATION For speedy filling of larger containers , our proportioners are designed with an optional lock-on function suitable for high flow applications . Simply push and twist the button once to activate and push again to deactivate when finished .
CUSTOMISED DISPENSER DESIGN , MANUFACTURING AND BRANDING We offer our customers a unique dispenser design and manufacturing service , please get in touch for further information .
You can personalise the front cover plaque with your company logo using our branding service . Alternatively , use multi-coloured dispenser rings to complement your corporate colours . *
* MOQ ’ s apply
82 83 LAUNDRY DOSING LAUNDRY DOSING TECHNOLOGIES THE PRODUCT RANGE Brightwell Dispensers advanced and unique laundry dosing systems are created for hard-working environments. BRIGHTLOGIC LAUNDRY DOSING SYSTEMS HIGH-TECH PCB BOARDS PAGE 84 PAGE 86 BRIGHTLOGIC ON-PREMISE LAUNDRY DOSING SYSTEM BRIGHTLOGIC HIGH-FLOW LAUNDRY DOSING SYSTEM Our high-tech PCB boards are designed and manufactured in-house using the highest grade components and latest technology. • Resettable fuse • Opto isolated signal inputs • Power Supply 100V–240V • Signal 12–240V AC/DC • One board for all unit types • Protected output transistor • RS485 Communication ADVANCED MECHANICAL DESIGN PAGE 88 PAGE 90 BRIGHTLOGIC MEMBRANE PUMP Q10+ REMOTE DOSE LAUNDRY PUMP Advanced mechanical design together with quality, reliable components maximise tube life and accuracy. • Brushless motor for longer life • Space-saving double pump head configuration exclusive to Brightwell • Support bearing ensures an accurate flow EASY TUBE REPLACEMENT No need for tools, the pump configuration allows the tube to be replaced with just a couple of clicks. • No tools required • Quick and easy • Minimal cost • Safety release clamp technology RANGE OF TUBE TYPES TO SUIT ANY CHEMICAL PAGE 91 PAGE 91 SUCTION LANCES LOW-LEVEL CHEMICAL ALARM We provide a variety of tubes to suit any chemical type. • Super-resistant co-extruded tube • Quick and easy connections • Available in Silicone, Brightchem and EPDM COMPUTER SOFTWARE & USB BLUETOOTH COMMUNICATION PAGE 92 PAGE 92 MANIFOLD FORMULA SELECT MODULE Programming or retrieving data from the BrightLogic laundry systems is easy when using our computer software. Create up to 20 programmes, control the dosage and receive reports in minutes using wifi, Bluetooth and USB. With the software, you have total control of your BrightLogic unit with connection to your laptop (Microsoft OS only). The software is available as a free download from our website: www.brightwell.co.uk.