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ELDER CARE “ Many of our clients are elderly and seeing them face-to-face was an issue , as many did not have the computer skills to take advantage of platforms like Zoom . Further , we also work with nursing home residents and our ability to visit them was certainly hampered by the pandemic .” — RJ Connelly III , Certified Elder Law Attorney at Connelly Law Offices , Ltd ., connellylaw . com
RENT “ Many of my clients have had issues with rent , whether it be a tenant paying or a landlord collecting . Of course , this likely stems from a larger issue of pay cuts , layoffs and lack of work .” — Matthew Chappell of Chappell and Chappell , chappellandchappelllaw . com
REAL ESTATE “ It was difficult to orchestrate closings , as sellers , buyers and other related persons ( such as real estate brokers ) could not assemble in the same room . The separation created a major scheduling challenge . Further , the Recorder of Deeds in many towns closed and the ability to record documents in-person became almost impossible . It became an administrative nightmare .” — Law Office of Ronald C Markoff , ronmarkoff . com
BUSINESS “ My small business clients in the wedding and event industry have been challenged by the closures and gathering limitations put in place . Their contract language about cancellations , deposits and rescheduling has been heavily scrutinized as they balance the need to stay solvent with their client ’ s disappointment with the mandated pandemic restrictions .” — Everett Petronio , Jr ., Esq ., of Kalander and Shaw , kalanderandshaw . com
“ Our clients range from small , closely held entities to Fortune 5 companies . They have all , without exception , experienced tremendous disruptions in their business operations . However , not all disruptions are a long-term negative . We ’ ve helped our business clients embrace their agility and use this moment to return to guiding principles . In some cases , revenue has been drastically depleted leading to hard decisions . In other cases , revenue is up , but the service and operations model , usually a person-to-person brick and mortar model , is no longer feasible . We ’ ve helped them refocus and deal with digital challenges of the new era and most are going to emerge stronger and more resilient .” — Clint D . Watts , Attorney at McElroy Deutsch , mdmc-law . com / attorneys / clint-d-watts
“ We service a wide array of clients and COVID-19 impacted them differently . Some clients got busier : helping to respond to the crisis by manufacturing PPE , for example . Others , like restaurants , travel-related companies and entertainment facilities , suffered greatly , struggling to survive and keep their teams intact . Every client faced the challenges of keeping up with confusing and shifting sands of governmental regulations and assistance programs . We found ourselves investing substantial firm resources to digest and understand COVID-related programs , regulations , guidance , and more , positioning us to offer clients meaningful support . We conveyed some advice ‘ wholesale ’ via our COVID-19 advisory page , but also spent a tremendous amount of time talking with our clients to discuss their experiences and issues . In a lot of ways , as a firm we were dealing with many of the same issues , which allowed us to grow closer to our clients in many unexpected ways .” — Howard Merten , Managing Partner at Partridge Snow and Hahn LLP , psh . com
“ We saw a lot of changes in state and federal guidance and orders related to health care , workplaces and accessing financial assistances .” — Alyssa Boss , Partner at Cameron and Mittleman , cm-law . com
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