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On behalf of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association ( PSBA ) and the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators ( PASA ), thank you to the 310 school districts that responded to our survey , which allowed us to develop the meaningful data represented here in the 2021 State of Education report . We appreciate the time and thought that chief school administrators dedicated to the survey .
Knowing that school leaders and administrators have faced what is likely the most challenging year-of-all-years , it is clear from the survey ’ s findings that additional , consistent federal and state guidance may have made a significant difference in how district decision-makers navigated challenges without precedence .
With budget pressures elevated by the impacts of COVID-19 , specific aggravators such as mandatory charter school tuition payments rose to the top , with an even greater expense resulting from cyber charter migration induced by the pandemic circumstances . Issues that lie ahead , such as academic regression , showed as a leading concern with more than 50 % of respondents citing that as their top challenge .
We focused on this and other impacts of COVID-19 as the theme of this year ’ s survey since there has been almost no aspect of how schools support and educate their students that has gone unchanged in some way over the past year .
You are well-versed with what ’ s going on in your own district , and we hope you benefit from the statewide barometer this report represents . For our two associations , the collection and dissemination of this important data contributes valuable insights as we work on behalf of Pennsylvania ’ s public school districts and the 1.7 million students served .
Be well and know that PSBA and PASA are here supporting you . On we roll into 2021 with Pennsylvania ’ s children at the forefront of our focus !
Dr . Mark DiRocco PASA , executive director
Nathan G . Mains PSBA , chief executive officer
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