2021 Pennsylvania State of Education 2021 Pennsylvania State of Education report - Page 17

School districts are adjusting to address academic regression

As school districts transitioned to virtual learning , almost all districts provided their teaching staff with trainings and supports to assist in the move to virtual instruction . School districts are also employing a variety of means to monitor and overcome learning losses .
“ During remote periods we have utilized all available paraprofessionals and specialty teachers to keep track of student work and offer additional support .”
“ Using diagnostic tests , online tutoring and planning for remediation .”
“ We ’ re looking to offer summer school for students who may have struggled in the hybrid or virtual models .”

98 % School districts providing their teachers with training and supports for virtual instruction

“ We are planning for enhanced after-school tutoring and plan to create a Saturday Academy for all students .”
“ Home visits , phone calls , and virtual meetings with parents .”
“ Benchmark assessments and additional extra-assistance teachers to work with at-risk students .”
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