2021 Pennsylvania State of Education 2021 Pennsylvania State of Education report - Page 15

Most school districts remain or have transitioned to virtual or hybrid

At the time of the survey , the instructional model being used by more than 85 % of school districts was virtual or hybrid ( partly in-person and partly virtual ). Since the start of the school year , most school districts have also been forced to make changes to their instructional model due to the pandemic .
December / January instructional model
All in-person 14.3 %
All virtual 39.5 %
“ I must say that there are many aspects in which our district will be better when this is over . We are now 1-to-1 with technology devices K-12 and our district has become much better in utilizing technology to help meet the needs of students .”
- Survey respondent
Hybrid 46.2 %

85 % School districts forced to change instructional plans due to COVID-19

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