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35 % School districts starting the school year with full-time , in-person learning

“ I ’ m really proud of the work of our district , board and community in opening our doors at the beginning of the year to in-person ( five days a week ) instruction as well as properly staffing to offer a complete online program for those families that chose that option .”

Most school districts did not start the school year with in-person learning

Roughly two-thirds of school districts began the 2020-21 school year with students not attending in-person classes full time ( five days a week ). The biggest reason for not resuming full-time , in-person instruction was the health and safety of students and staff .
Reasons why schools did not resume full-time , in-person instruction
58.1 %
- Survey respondent
26.3 % 25.3 %
17.7 % 14.5 %
11.8 %
6.5 %
5.4 %
Health and safety risks
Staff member concerns
County or other agency advice
Community feedback
COVID levels in the community
Risk of liability
Inability to enusre social distancing in schools
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