2021 Pennsylvania State of Education 2021 Pennsylvania State of Education report - Page 11

The unclear and inconsistent expectations for schools has led to a great deal of distrust in the community . The lack of funding for cyber charter enrollment increases due to the pandemic will cause a reduction in staffing and / or programs moving forward . It will take years to overcome the devastating effects of being forced to close schools in the spring of 2020 on a moment ’ s notice .
The pandemic and the politics associated with COVID-19 has pretty much destroyed years of cultivating good will amongst our stakeholders . I fear that many good leaders and school board members will leave their posts , putting public education in serious jeopardy in the near future .

Pennsylvania public school districts need meaningful cyber charter reform TODAY .

I believe the pandemic has further laid bare the disparities that exist between well-funded districts and poorer , rural districts . The lack of broadband access , technology infrastructure , and the scant and underfunded social services infrastructure found in poorer communities like mine are leaving generations of students at a disadvantage when compared to their wealthier suburban counterparts .
I am very disappointed in our public health officials for not providing consistent , timely information to superintendents . Superintendents have been placed in a position of making decisions on public health concerns which we are not qualified to do . Their lack of guidance has pitted districts against one another and created enormous stress and hostility towards leaders of districts .