2021 Pennsylvania State of Education 2021 Pennsylvania State of Education report - Page 10

What School Districts Had to Say …

I feel education as we know it will never be the same . The need for virtual instruction is going to place more demands on all schools .
We are very concerned about the number of students who will choose to remain virtual next year . We are a small district and cannot afford a large increase to our cyber charter numbers , nor can we afford to open our own cyber academy .
The lack of timely and useful guidance from state and federal government made leading the district very hard . We were asked to make decisions that had medical implications without sufficient guidance .

Public education IS working in PA .

The greatest frustration is the constant moving target of what is required of the districts and the short-notice to implement the changes . The stress of meeting the demands of the PDE / DoH , supporting staff and students in changing venues , mitigating differing opinions of board members , the lack of consistency and direction from PIAA , etc ., have been overwhelming and have taken a definite toll on the health of those in leadership .
I am concerned about the mental health of our students . School is a safety net . The heat works , the water works , the lights are on and a group of adults care about them . I am also concerned about the drop in reports to Childline . Teachers tend to be the largest group of reporters . Without children in school , we may have many silently suffering .
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