2021 IEC Annual Report - Page 5

IEC Member Communities


Academia (Core & Affiliate Members) 

IEC Academic members work together to tackle issues of engineering and diversity through programming, workshops, building relationships and shaping the direction of workforce readiness. Ultimately, IEC members build relationships, form partnership opportunities through co-teaching and research and strive to make the engineering world more diverse and just.

Industry (Corporate Members) 

IEC's Corporate Membership Program provides an unparalleled opportunity for business leaders to have access to, and to collaborate with, an important constituency while furthering inclusion and diversity initiatives within the electrical and computer engineering enterprise.

Government (Grant Collaborations) 

Government/grant collaborations with the IEC help to fund research and education in various aspects of engineering. These collaborations help create IEC programs and add to the IEC’s overall mission of increasing the quantity and preparedness of underrepresented minorities in engineering.