2021 IEC Annual Report | Page 10

IEC Working Groups


Digital Systems Community of Practice

The group is comprised of scholars whose academic responsibilities include leadership of their department's digital systems curriculum.

The goals of the Digital Systems Community of Practice are as follows:

- Build Community: Learn what each other is doing, develop


- Develop Tools: Create new solutions that meet the needs

of our departments

- Learn: Discover or modify existing tools, techniques

- Share: Publish the results of our work to benefit the


Technology Working Groups

The purpose of the IEC's Technology Working Groups is to facilitate meaningful dialogue on the course/lab sharing and other opportunities for collaborative efforts between institutions.

Technology Groups include:

- AI - Green Energy

- Beyond 5G - Semiconductors

- Cybersecurity

Grant Proposal Working Groups

The Grant Proposal Working Groups are designed to organize proposals for the INCLUDES Alliance, EHR Racial Equity in STEM Education, and CISE Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) Alliance grant opportunities.

Grant Proposal Groups include:

- Messaging & Identity Development

- Transitions

- Shared Curriculum

- Mentoring & Professional Development

- Academy, Industry & Community Engagement

- Assessment & Evaluation