2021 Camps Magazine - Page 24

What Parents Are Saying About Our Camps

Thank you for being a place I can send both of my kids and know that they are going to have an incredible time and be safe !”
We had two children at Camp Ganim last summer - one returning and one new to the program . The small class sizes , amount of time spent outdoors , and most of all the caring and creative teachers made it an amazing summer for both kids . We also felt very comfortable with the level of health precautions the Center and Preschool had taken ."
Our daughter ( rising 3 y . o .) experienced her second ( modified ) Camp Ganim experience . Despite the rapidly changing landscape the program had to accommodate , they did , and exceeded ex- pectations . We were able to keep her with the same friends she d made the year prior and that extra time and small class size really helped her build her confidence in social settings ."
I am a HUGE fan of Hilbert and brag to people about how wonderful an experience we have had two years in a row . Thank you to the staff for all of your hard work !”
Every program and activity offered by the Weinstein JCC is fabulous . My husband and I are extreme fans and will rave whenever we can to whoever listen about all that is offered .
We love Camp Hilbert !!!! We love that there is no electronics , out- side all day , playing , getting dirty , getting tired and getting exercise !!!”
What a wonderful place to be ! The staff is amazing and friendly and so kind to all the campers for a wonderful experience .”
Can ' t say enough good things about the Camp in fulfill- ing the " promise " of so many to help pre-kindergartners get ready for school . My kiddo hopped on the bus yesterday with a confidence very much bolstered by the experiences and indepen- dence gained over the summer .”