2021 Annual Report | Page 6

FOR A WHILE I THOUGHT THAT CRYSTAL COVE must sit atop a field of four-leaf clovers .
And maybe it does , but if I ’ ve learned anything from our programs team — an unparalleled group of science educators — it ’ s that nothing in nature exists outside of the ecosystem that supports it .
You are the ecosystem that has enabled whole fields of four-leaf clovers to bloom at Crystal Cove .
This wily bootstrapped organization has done more in its two decades than anyone could reasonably have expected . Perhaps we had no business believing we could undertake $ 80 million in restoration work and , as if that weren ’ t enough , create from whole cloth , a vibrant outdoor classroom that has inspired the minds of tens of thousands of students , but together , we ’ ve done it .
The work you ’ ve done along the way from pulling black mustard in Moro Canyon to reviewing curriculum and lesson plans to advising us on estate giving and technology ; and everything you have given , from mid-century stoves and extraordinary art pieces to gifts of stock and membership renewals has been essential . That generosity — in time , in friendship , and real talk , in dollars — has made all the difference .
It ’ s your work that won the day , and it ’ s my extraordinary privilege to be able to join with you to celebrate all that ’ s been accomplished and help us move toward what ’ s next .
With gratitude and high hopes for 2022 ,
Kate Wheeler President & CEO