2021 Annual Report | Page 3


CRYSTAL COVE STATE PARK is a remarkable place . An undeveloped place amidst bustling cities . A place to hear the crunch of gravel beneath your feet or the waves crash ashore . A place to breathe , to listen , to be — and it ’ s meant to be that way for everyone . Creating a place that feels welcoming for everyone requires more than just an ‘ open ’ sign . The Conservancy ’ s Justice , Equity , Diversity , and Inclusion ( JEDI ) committee has taken on the work to remove the often invisible barriers some face here and in other protected lands .
PROVIDED scholarship funding for more than 90 % of the schools who participated in our programs .
LAUNCHED the Natural Resource Summer Internship for Black , Indigenous , People of Color ( BIPOC ) and firstgeneration college students — a paid internship .
COLLABORATED with Irvine Ranch Conservancy to pilot a Fire Ecology Internship designed for high school students from groups with historical barriers to access .
ENGAGED our staff in an in-depth JEDI training series .
DEVELOPED an organizational report card to track our progress over time in creating just and equitable outcomes for our program participants , visitors , and team .
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