2021-2022 Small Business Resource Guide | Page 16

scheduled within three days of the call-in request .
How do I apply for a Certificate of Occupancy ( CO )?
Before a business can move into a commercial space , a Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained , and a life safety and fire inspection must be passed . If you are leasing a move-in-ready unit , you may apply for this before moving in the space . If you are remodeling the space and have an active building permit , you can apply for the CO before your final inspection , and the CO and building permit can be completed at the same time . Inspections can typically be requested and scheduled up to the day before the inspection is needed .
How Do I Find A Qualified Architect , Engineer , Or Contractor ?
The city cannot recommend an architect , engineer or contractor ; however , it is always suggested to receive at least three written quotes .
How Do I Schedule Inspections ?
There are two ways to schedule your inspections : 1 . Online using the permit and inspection website ,
ArlingtonPermits . com 2 . Calling the 24-hour Building Inspection Request
Line at 817-261-8817 . 3 . For Certificate of Occupancy fire inspections , call
817-459-5539 . For a system inspection , email FireSystems @ Arlingtontx . gov and the inspector will get back with you to schedule an inspection . Please remember , the inspection line and email are only for inspection requests . For cancellations or any other inspection concerns , please call the One Start Center 817-459-6502 .
What Happens If I Do not Get A Building Permit ?
Permits protect the property / business owner and the public . If construction has started prior to the issuance of a building permit , costly repairs may be required to gain compliance and ensure your property is safe . Removal of work that does not comply with the City of Arlington building codes and / or other applicable laws may be required .
In addition , if you receive a Stop Work Order for building without a permit , your permit fees may be doubled . The property owner is ultimately responsible for the work performed on his / her property . If a property is purchased and work was done without permitting , the new owner inherits the responsibility to permit the work .
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