2021-2022 Small Business Resource Guide | Page 18

Health Permits for Establishments
Food Establishments Bars | Childcare Centers | Restaurants | Stationary Pushcarts | Grocery Stores | Convenience Stores
APPLICATION & OPERATIONAL FEE RANGES Childcare Center Permit $ 550-925 Food Establishment Permit $ 550-825 Stationary Pushcart $ 225
Note : Ongoing operational fees are not included with application fees . For a full list of fees for your business , please visit the City ’ s Health Services website .
In order to ensure optimal health and safety for both a food establishment owner and their patrons , the City of Arlington requires businesses to apply for a food establishment permit . All food establishment permits require a health inspection , grease interceptor and backflow assembly . A Pre-Operational Inspection Checklist is available upon request from your Health Inspector or by calling Health Services at 817-459-6693 .
A Food Manager Certification is required to be held by the managers of a Food Establishment , and the Certification must also be registered with the City of Arlington . This registration may be completed online at ArlingtonPermits . com . A Food Handler Certification is required to be held by each food worker of a Food Establishment .
Information about accredited food manager and food handler training courses may be accessed through the Department of State Health Services website . A link to this information can be found on the City of Arlington website under Health Services / Food Manager & Food Handler
Information . Information about accredited food handler training courses may be accessed through the Department of State Health Services website under Accredited Food Handler Classroom Training Programs or Accredited Food Handler Online Training Programs .
Any establishments selling alcohol will be required to obtain a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission ( TABC ) Certificate through the TABC State website . Additionally , businesses are required to apply for an alcohol permit from the City Secretary ’ s Office at ArlingtonPermits . com . There are several types of alcohol permits depending on the type of alcohol being sold and fees vary from $ 37 to $ 500 . Zoning regulations may apply to new locations .
Grease interceptors ( traps ) are required at businesses where there is food preparation and / or cleanup from food preparation . The interceptors must be installed on the exterior of the building . The minimum size for a grease interceptor in the City of Arlington is 250 gallons . The size and design of the grease interceptor will be determined by Water Resource Services and is based on potential flow from the fixtures required to pass through the grease interceptor . The grease interceptor must be serviced at a minimum of every 6 months ( or more often if determined by a waste hauler permitted by Water Services ).
If the business owner is purchasing or leasing an existing building operating as a food establishment or Childcare Facility , a new Certificate of Occupancy and Retail Food / Child Care ( RFCC ) is required . If someone purchases an existing food establishment and is not changing the name , then a Change of Ownership application is required . This Change of Ownership would require a new CO and a new RFCC as neither of these permits are transferable . With the change of ownership , the new business will be required to comply with current city health code standards .