2020 Summer soonsam - Page 33

We also opened up the fair to our VM students as well to be able to explore potential career options. Both Youth and VM were able to create connections and be informed about what life is like for each career. We thought it would be important to allow our VM students to be able to talk with people in the work force to establish a relationship and have an idea of what they are pursuing into the future. For the Youth students, we wanted to offer a chance to talk with people that didn’t need to go to college but were able to pursue their dreams. Or if they weren’t too encouraged by the majors, they had the chance to speak with someone who was working a job that they could see themselves in. Talking with the career presenters allowed every student to be provided a list of objectives, kind of like a road map, to get to where they wanted. Fair we decided that we would use maybe a quarter to a half of the vision center- thinking that it’d be small. This event would be something small, but we can eventually build off of for future years to come. However, we were not expecting this event to be as big as it was. Every week more and more people wanted to sign up and help. The response to really pour into the upcoming generation and be able to help them in this way was something that all the youth leaders were grateful to see. By the end of the night we had over 200 people attend the event. There were 15 majors that were represented with 2-5 students at each booths presenting their major and 30 individual career presenters that came through. In total having 75 individual students and working people that came to make this event happen Being able to provide this event to our students was something that several leaders wanted to create. When talking with the youth, the topic of college and future plans are conversations that gets mentioned about at least once in every encounter. We were able to receive help from several people from both VM and EM adults. There were 19 majors present, both undergraduate and graduate, with several students that volunteered in each booth. Some of the majors that were presented ranged from the classic STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) majors to Marine Biology, Textile Management, Psychology, and many more. Most of our VM college students helped by setting up booths and spending time introducing their respective majors. The students would meet outside of school and poured countless hours into each presentation. For the career side, there were several EM adults that were able to offer up their time despite their busy schedules and pulled resourced from their work to create visual content for the viewers to enjoy. In total there were 18 booths for careers with presentations from IT, Law Enforcement, Mechanics, Dentistry, Education and the list goes on and on. And the night would not have been an FKBC event if it wasn’t for the food that was catered by the Youth PTA. This event would not have been possible if we did not get such a positive wave of support and manpower to hold this for our youth students. Despite a lot of students with uncertainty of majors and still being able to thrive, there are still others that thrives without college as well. All the leaders believe that college is an opportunity if it is seen and taken as an opportunity and not everyone has to go to college. Being able to create a space for both, student and parent, to see the opportunities that are beyond high school was something everyone was able to enjoy. It truly was a blessing that we hope to see more of in the future. When we first started planning for the College and Career www.fkbc.org 랄리제일한인침례교회 33